About Perkeso

Perkeso was founded to provide social security protection to all Insured Persons and their dependants through social security schemes based on the concept of a caring society in line with the National Development Policy and Vision 2020

Employment Insurance System (EIS)

To provide state-of-the-art public employment services (PES), labor market information (LMI) and unemployment benefits to the Malaysian workforce with the aim of promoting full employment.

Target Group

Retrenched Workers/Loss of Employment

  • Normal retrenchment, redundancy.
  • VSS/ MSS (voluntary /Mutual Separation Scheme).
  • Force majeure (natural disaster/fire/gas leakage /riot).
  • Employers abscond, company bankrupt, closing
  • Business restructuring, automation, digital technology.
  • Downsizing.
  • Constructive dismissal or breach of contract terms and
    conditions by the employer.
  • In the direction of carry out work outside of the scope
    that endangers safety and health.
  • Resignation due to threats to the employee or his
    family, or to sexual harassment of the employee.


  • Job search allowance
  • Subsidized training courses
  • Possible placement job training – up to 6 months

Pelan Jana Semula Ekonomi Negara (PENJANA)

PENJANA is an economic recovery initiative under the Human Resource, administered by Perkeso’s  National Employment Services to promote job creation among employers while increasing employment prospects.

Target Group

  • Job Seekers / Unemployed
  • Graduates/School Leavers
  • Below 40 years old
  • Above 40 years old
  • OKU


  • Subsidized training courses
  • Possible placement job training – up to 6 months

*Terms and conditions apply for scheme application*

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